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Blytheville, AR 72315
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646 State Hwy M
Steele, MO 63877
(573) 717-3276

(731) 676-7119
Open House"Let Us Show You Our Hometown"
Mame Caldwell

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Added Thursday, May 21st
307 Madison (Dell, 3BR, 2BA, $220's)
Added Wednesday, May 20th
609 N Ridgeway (REDUCED, 4BR, 3BA, $240s)
Added Monday, May 18th
1108 Country Club
 (Great Open House Held)
Added Friday, May 15th
906 Wise (MANILA,4BR,3BA, Built 2013, $180's)
Added Thursday, May 14th
5058 ECR 132 (Updated, Armorel, 4BR,$180's) Added Monday, May 4th
410 Tennessee
 (Blytheville,3BR, $50's)
Added Friday, May 1st
1116 N 5th
 (Blytheville,Gorgeous, $130's)
1100 W Hardin (SOLD in Blytheville)
409 Mimosa(Blytheville,Sale Pending)
1007 W Pecan (Blytheville, Sale Pending)
5631 NCR 917 (SOLD in ARMOREL)
Added Thursday, April 30th
904 Highland (Blytheville, Sale Pending)
Added Wednesday, May 29th
1416 N Lee Circle  (Blytheville,3BR $70's)
1416 N 6th (Blytheville, Renovated, $140's)
302 E Shadow (OSCEOLA, REDUCED, $110's)
217 E Greenbriar(Osceola, Reduced, $120's)
1112 N 6th (Blytheville, 4BR, 2BA, $150's)
201 Honey Cypress (Leachville,5BR, $190's)
6182 Hwy 139 (CARAWAY, 3BR, 2.5BA, $150's)
517 Riverbend(Blytheville, Sale Pending)
Added Wednesday, April 22nd
504 Riverbend(Reduced, Blytheville, $140's)
Added Thursday, April 9th
795 Davis (MANILA, Reduced, 4BR, $180's)
Added Wednesday, March 25th
837 Robindale (REDUCED, 3BR,2BA, $60's)
161 S Gosnell (GOSNELL, SOLD)
Added Tuesday, March 24th
Franklin at Moultrie (Corner Lot - $5,000)
1005 S Main (Leachville, Reduced, $130's) Added Monday, March 23rd
504 Riverbend
(Reduced, 3BR, 2BA, $140's)
207 Fleeman (Sold in MANILA)
Added Saturday, March 21st
611 Leah(MANILA, 3BR, 2BA, $150's)
728 Tyler (MANILA, Sale Pending...)
Added Friday, march 6th
808 Country Club (Sold in MANILA)
Added Wednesday, Feb 18th
207 W Fleeman
 (Sale Pending, MANILA)
1044 W Walnut (SOLD in Blytheville)
691 Hwy 77 (Sold in MANILA)
Added Wednesday, Feb 10th
900 W Hardin (REDUCED, 3BR, 3BA, $60's) Added Monday, Feb 9th
912 Golf Links(4BR, 2BA, Shop, $150's)
1009 Golf Links (Updated, 4BR, 2.5BA, $200's
Added Thursday, Feb 5th
128 Chesterfield (REDUCED, $200's)
Added Tuesday, Feb 3rd
800 N Franklin (REDUCED, 3BR, 2BA, $109's)
3701 Kacey Lane (Blytheville, 4BR, 2BA, $40's)
911 W Main (Blytheville, 6BR, 7BA, $200s)
Added Monday, Feb 2nd
1136 Willow (Blytheville, 2BR, 2BA, $40's)
Added Friday, Jan 30th
42 Wedgewood (Blytheville, 3BR, 3BA, 200's)
Added Thursday, Jan 29th
1612 Broadway(Wedgewood, 3BR, $150's)
501 Marr (Blytheville, Sale Pending)
Added Wednesday, Jan28th
Entertainer (Blytheville, 8900sqft, $700's)
Commercial (Blytheville, 6000sqft, $130's)
Added Monday, Jan26th
1712 Holly (Blytheville, 3BR, 2BA, $40's)
704 Eden (MANILA, 3BR, 2BA, $90's)
700 N 18th(Blytheville, 4BR, 3BA, $60's)
953 Wise (MANILA, 5BR, 3BA, $200's)
909 W Hale (OSCEOLA, Move-In Ready,$60's)
801 Northgate (SOLD in Osceola!)
Added Tuesday, Jan 20th
1100 Highland (REDUCED Blytheville, 3BR, 2BA, $50's)
Added Sunday, Jan18th
634 W Main (REDUCED, Offices, For Rent/Sale)
33 N Wedgewood (SOLD in Blytheville)
910 Hwy 77 (Manila, 3BR, 3BA, $200's)
796 Country Club (Manila, 4BR, 3BA, $200's)
Added MONDAY, Jan 12th
1000 Promise Land (4BR, 3BA, $220's)
1933 Hwy 312 (Country,, Sale Pending)
Added Friday, January 9th
634 W Main (REDUCED, Offices, For Rent/Sale)
1009 Golf Links (Blytheville, 5BR 3BA, $200's)
811 W Main (Blytheville, 4BR, 2BA, $210's)
Added MONDAY, Jan 5th
1063 Holly
 (New Pics, 5BR, 3BA, $79,900)
added Wednesday, Dec 31st
901 Grandview (Blytheville, 3BR, 2BA, $70's)
Added Tuesday, Dec 30th
1515 N 6th (REDUCED, 4BR, 3400sqft, $200's)
702 Tennessee (REDUCED, 3BR, $40's)
Added Monday, Dec 29th
1409 N Lee (Blytheville, 3BR,2BA, $50's)
1933 Hwy 312 (Blytheville, Country, $70's) Added Thursday, Dec 26TH
5559 NCR 757 (REDUCED, 3-ac, 3BR, $160's)
Added Wednesday, Christmas EVE, Dec 24th
4958 Hwy 18 (Sold in ARMOREL)
817 East Walnut (3BR, 2BA - $25,000)
Added Friday, Dec 19th
616 Leah (SOLD in MANILA))
Added Friday, Dec 11tH
Added Wednesday, Dec 10th
317 MISSOURI (STEELE, 3BR, 2BA, 60's)
1113 Evergreen (SOLD in Blytheville)
Added Friday, Dec 5th
3406 WCR 246 (SOLD in MANILA, 3BR, 3BA, $170s)
820 Lauderdale (Blytheville, 3BR, 2BA, $60s)
1576 CR54 (GOSNELL, Calumet, 5-ac, $180s)
3056 Hwy E (COOTER, MO-3BR,2BA, $120's)
306 Armorel (ARMOREL, Updated, $120's)
1141 Leawood (Updated, 3BR,1BA, $80's)
Added Wednesday, Dec 3rd
907 Winchester (Lville, 3BR, 2BA, $110's)
1007 West Main (Blytheville, 4BR, 2BA, $170's)

634 West Main (REDUCED, Offices, $140's)
1009 Golf Links (Updated, 4BR, 2.5BA, $200's) Added Thursday, Nov 20th
517 Riverbend Cv(Corner, 3BR, 2BA, 120's) 848 Hwy M (Steele, Sale Pending...)
107 W Shadow (OSCEOLA, 4BR, 2BA, $130's)
Added Wednesday, Nov 12th
100 W Greenbriar (REDUCED - $99,900)
635 N 11th (SOLD in Blytheville)
Added Tuesday, Nov 11th
5070 ECR 130 (SOLD in ARMOREL)
Added MOnday, Nov 10th
207 Station (SOLD in Gosnell)
Added Thursday, Nov 6th
1079 Hwy 18 (SOLD in DELL)
Added Wednesday, Nov 5th
5480 NCR 917
 (SOLD in Armorel)
1009 Dixie( SOLD in Blytheville)
1701 Country Club ( SOLD in Blytheville)
4336 NCR 531 (SOLD in Gosnell)
600 N Ridgeway ( SOLD in Blytheville)
700 Country Club (SOLD in MANILA)
Added Sunday, Nov 2nd
325 Washington (STEELE, Reduced, $130's)
517 Riverbend Cv(Corner, 3BR, 2BA, 110's)
3200 NCR 665 (REDUCED, Country, $110's)
1129 Moultrie (Blytheville, 3BR, 2BA, $130's)
Malt Shop (Leachville, REDUCED, $110's)
600 N Ridgeway
 ( 4BR, 3BA, $200's)
Added TuesdaY, Oct 21st
5559 NCR 757 (REDUCED, 3-ac, 3BR, $160's)
1420 W Walnut (4BR, 2000sqft - $51,500)
Added Thursday, Oct 16th
1009 Golf Links (Blytheville, 5BR 3BA, $200's)
Added Friday, oCT 10TH
1123 S Parkside (Blytheville, 3BR, 2BA, $60's)
Added Wednesday, Oct 8th
799 SCR 103 (SOLD in Etowah)
Added Sunday, Oct 5th
1112 N 5th (Open House Held Today)
Added Saturday, Oct 4th
832 FUture(MANILA,, REDUCED, $150's)
1009 Golf Links (Blytheville, 5BR 3BA, $200's)
1404 Lee Circle (Reduced, 3BR, $50's)
Added THURSDAY, Oct 2nd
200-Acre Farm  (SOLD in Gosnell)
128 Chesterfield (REDUCED - $209,900)
1100 Logan Lane ( SOLD in Blytheville...)
517 Riverbend(REDUCED, 3BR,2BA, $110's)
Added Thursday, Sept 25th
504 Riverbend (REDUCED, 3BR, 2BA, $140's)
310 W Olympia (MANILA, SOLD)
Added SUNDAY, Sept 21st
Added Saturday, Sept 20th
611 First (STEELE, Missouri, 3BR - $42,000
431 CR 86 (SOLD in Blytheville, 1-Acre, Septic-$8,500)
Added Thursday, Sept 19th
5099 ECR 126(Armorel, Reduced, $150's)
1901 N 10th (Country Club, 3BR, $150's)
Added Thursday, September 11th
913 Abbott ( SOLD in Blytheville)
Added Wednesday, Sept 10th
Hwy 61 (Income Producing, 8.62 Acres, $50's)
Added Tuesday, Sept 9th
317 West (COOTER, MO - 3BR, 3BA, $100's)
Added Monday, Sept 1st
1409 N Lee (Blytheville, 3BR,2BA, $50's)
Added Thursday, Aug 28th
508 Riverbend (SOLD in Blytheville)
900 Ruddle (Sold in Blytheville)
Added Sunday, Aug 24th
1112 N 5th (Open House Held Today)
Added Saturday, Aug 23rd
1700 Wedgewood ( SOLD in Blytheville)
5559 NCR 757 (REDUCED, 3-ac, 3BR, $160's)
500 3rd (SOLD inLEACHVILLE,)
3200 NCR 665 (Open House Held Today)
Added Tuesday, Aug 12th
607 Hwy 181 (Gosnell, REDUCED, $140's )
832 FUture(MANILA,, 3BR, 2BA, $160's)
Added Friday, August 8th
701 Lions Gate (SOLD in MANILA)
1123 S Parkside (Blytheville, 3BR, 2BA, $60's)
600 Owl Hoot (Ridgely TN, Sale Pending...)
775 Davis (SOLD in MANILA)
730 Tyler (SOLD in MANILA)
Added Sunday, August 3rd
1420 West Walnut (Short Sale- 3BR,$50's)
Added Friday, August 1st
1933 Hwy 312 (Blytheville, Country, $70's)
926 Countryside (SOLD in GOSNELL)
Added THURSDAY, July 31st
908 Golf Links (SOLD in Blytheville)
Added Tuesday, July 29th
2996 Riverlawn (SOLD in Osceola)
709 W Hardin (SOLD in Blytheville)
615 Leah (SOLD in Manila)
832 FUture(MANILA, Open House Held)
4132 Hwy 18 (Sold in MANILA)
Added Friday, July 25th
4626 Hwy 151(2-Acres, Workshop, $150's)
522 Hale ( SOLD in OSCEOLA)
1420 W Walnut (4BR, 2000sqft - $51,500)
5099 ECR 132(Armorel, 3BR, 3BA, $200's)
Added Tuesday, July 22nd
1009 Golf Links (Updated, 4BR, 2.5BA, $200's)
Added Friday, July 18th
612 N Main (Sold in LEACHVILLE)
Added Thursday, July 16th
121 Roselawn(OSCEOLA, 3BR, 2BA, $130's)
Added Wednesday, July 16th
331 Washington (STEELE, MO - $99,000)
Added Tuesday, June 24th
504 Riverbend Cove (Big House, 3BR,2BA)
Added Monday, June 23rd
NCR 225 Lots (Manila, 2-Acres Each, $32k)
Added Thursday, June 19th
848 Hwy M (Reduced, Steele, 4BR, $190's)
Added Tuesday, June 17th
109 Amherst ( SOLD in Blytheville)
634 W Main (REDUCED, Offices)
Added Monday, June 16th
101 Sycamore (REDUCED, 4BR, 2BA-$7,500)
2317 Peabody (REDUCED, 3BR, 2BA, $20's)
Added Friday, June 13th
323 Perry (GOSNELL, 2BR, 1BA, $30's)
387 Summit (REDUCED - $29,000)
Added Sunday, June 8th
140 S Ramblewood (Open House Held)
Added Saturday, June 7th
103 Randall Rd ( SOLD in Blytheville)
336 Armorel (Armorel, New Pics, 4BR, $170's)
5449 NCR 865 (ARMOREL, 4BR,3BA, $180's)
Added Wednesday, June 4th
704 Calhoun (/Rivercrest, REDUCED, $60's)
Added Tuesday, June 3rd
1063 Holly (Blytheville, 5BR, 3BA, $79,900)
Added Sunday, June 1st
504 Riverbend  (Open House Held)
Added Tuesday, May 27th
1007 West Main (Blytheville, 4BR, 2BA, $170's)
Added Monday, May 19th
7925 Hwy NN(Gobler, MO-30x40 Shop, $110's)
Added Sunday, May 18th
709 NE Parkway ( 3BR, 2000sqft, $80's)
Added Saturday, May 17th
904 W Pecan (Blytheville, 3BR, Porch, $70's)
Added Monday, May 12th
15 Cypress (WILSON, 3BR, 1BA, $50's)
Added Sunday, May 11th
816 Putting Green (3BR, 2BA, $130's)
Added Friday, May 9th
105 Baltimore (MANILA, Doctor Office, $50's)
415 Summit (Blytheville, 3BR, Full Bath, $50's)
1113 W Ford(OSCEOLA, 3BR, 2BA, $80's)
802 Country Club ( SOLD in Manila)
Added Friday, May 2nd
1007 West Main (Blytheville, 4BR, 2BA, $170's)
Added Thursday, May 1st
136 East Dr  (OSCEOLA, REDUCED, $70's)
214 Randall (REDUCED, 3BR, 2BA, $110's)
Added Tuesday, April 29th
704 Lions Gate ( SOLD in Manila
Added Monday, April 28th
796 Country Club ( SOLD in MANILA)
1133 Evergreen ( SOLD in Blytheville)
140 Ramblewood (Blytheville, 3BR, 2BA, $90's)
Added Thursday, April 24th
2054 CR 597 ( SOLD in Burdette)
Added Monday, April 21st
105 W 2nd (GIDEON, MO - 3BR, 3BA, $130's)
805 Putting Green (REDUCED, 3BR, 2BA, $120's)
Added Easter Sunday, April 20th
504 Riverbend  (REDUCED, 3BR, $150's)
Added Saturday, April 19th)
216 Simon ( SOLD in Blytheville)
Added Thursday, April 17th
Hwy 61 (8.6-Acres, Blytheville, $50's)
Added Monday, April 14th
601 Moultrie (REDUCED, 1.4-acres, $300's)
995 Hwy 474 (STEELE, 5-acres, 4BR, 3BAs)
Added Monday, April 7th
2210 N Hwy 77 ( SOLD in Manila)
412 S Cooter (STEELE, Reduced, 4BR, $150's)
Added Thursday, April 3rd
2317 Peabody (REDUCED, 3BR, 2BA, $30's)
Added Wednesday, March 26th
1709 Eastgate (Blytheville, 4BR, 3BA, $260's)
Trucking Terminal (Blytheville, Byrum Rd, $150's)
212 Ermen  (Osceola, 1.4-Acres, 5BR,$60's)
Added Tuesday, March 25th
618 Lanes Way ( SOLD in Manila)
Added Friday, March 21st
1708 Sycamore ( SOLD in Blytheville)
700 Lake (SOLD MANILA, 14k sqft Commercial, $110's)
3457 WCR 346 ( SOLD in MANILA)
Added Sunday, March 16th
7925 Hwy NN(Gobler, MO-30x40 Shop, 1-Ac, $110's)
431 County Rd 86 (Gosnell Lot - $8,500)
in Blytheville)
Added Friday, Feb 21st
404 East 3rd ( SOLD in LEACHVILLE
404 East 3rd ( SOLD in LEACHVILLE)
1009 ILLINOIS( SOLD in Blytheville)
Added Wednesday, Feb 12th
1870 Hwy 312 ( SOLD in Blytheville)
221 West Walnut (Blytheville, Office, $70's))
411 E Main (REDUCED, Steele, 3BR, 2BA, $40's)
Added Friday, Feb 7th )
218 Gifford (Steele, 2BR, Garage, $40's)
Added Thursday, Jan 30th
515 S Walnut (Steele, 3BR, $50's)
Added Wednesday, Jan 29th
108 Bullard (Manila, SOLD!)
Added Tuesday, Jan 21st )
Added Thursday, Jan 16th
712 Calumet ( SOLD in GOSNELL)
Added Thursday, Jan 2nd
800 Grandview (REDUCED, 3BR, 2BA, $60's)
Added Thursday, Dec 26th
Hwy 18 2.75 Acres (Armorel, New Pics, $100k)
1211 West Ash ( SOLD in Blytheville)
Added Saturday, Dec 21st
401 Thurmond ( SOLD in Leachville)
610 West Ford (Osceola, 3BR, 2BA, $40's)
Added Wednesday, Dec 11th
1600 Martin ( SOLD in Blytheville.)
Added Tuesday, Dec 10th
517 Madison ( Blytheville, 3BR, 1BA, $20's
Added Friday, Dec 6th
500 W Hardin ( SOLD in Blytheville)
4975 ECR 190 ( SOLD in ARMOREL)
104 E Greenbriar (Osceola, Sale Pending...)
304 Davis (MANILA, Sale Pending...)
118 East Hardin ( SOLD in Blytheville)
134 Third (MANILA, 2BR, 2BA, $70's)
Added Sunday, Nov 17th
327 Missouri ( SOLD in Steele, MO)
Added Monday, Oct 14th
605 Hwy 151 Auto (REDUCED, GOSNELL, $50's)
Added Thursday, Oct 3rd
204 Tenth ( SOLD in Leachville)
5012 N 6th (Blytheville, Inground Pool)
501 JT Polk  ( SOLD in KEISER))
Added Monday, Sept 30th
214 Randall Road (Blytheville, 3BR, 2BA, $110's
Added Thursday, Sept 26th
787 Country Club ( SOLD in MANILA)
1136 Willow (Blytheville, 2BR, 2BA, $50's)
818 Indiana ( SOLD in Blytheville)
127 W Greenbriar ( SOLD in OSCEOLA)
117 Parkway (OSCEOLA,3BR, 2BA, $50's)
509 Hwy 181 (Gosnell, Commercial Blds, $170's)
Added Monday, Aug 5th
119 Mockingbird (OSCEOLA, REDUCED, $40's) Added Tuesday, July 30th
Hwy 18 Acres (Armorel, Hwy 18, Steel City Plaza)
Manila Lots (MANILA, Golf Course Area, 8-Acres)
Added SUNDAY, July 21st
136 East Drive (Open House Held Today)
Added Thursday, July 18th
1003 N Franklin ( SOLD in Blytheville)
Added Friday, June 12th
636 North 11th ( SOLD in Blytheville)
Added Friday, June 28th
800 Grandview (REDUCED, 3BR, 2BA, $60's)
Added SUNDAY, June 22nd
1016 Broadmoor ( SOLD in Blytheville)
419 Crestmont ( SOLD in GOSNELL)
Added Thursday, June 20th
136 East Drive (OSCEOLA, 3BR, 2BA, $70's)
Added Friday, June 15th
901 Illinois ( SOLD in Blytheville)
Added Monday, June 3rd
Sparkle (Car Wash, 1-Acre, $600's)
713 Quinn (Osceola, REDUCED, 4BR, $40's)
128 W Alicia ( SOLD in OSCEOLA)
1009 Putting Green ( SOLD in Blytheville)
Added Thursday, May 30th
224 Southard ( SOLD in Gosnell)
Added Monday, May 27th
214 Randall Road (Blytheville, 3BR, 2BA, $110's)
Added Friday, may 24th
Hwy 18 2.75 Acres (Armorel, Hwy 18, $100k)
Added Thursday, May 23rd
702 Oak ( SOLD in Manila)
911 S Parkside ( SOLD in Blytheville)
911 Hearn ( SOLD in Blytheville)
Added Thursday, May 16th
337 Cottonwood( SOLD in GOSNELL)
Added Friday, May 10th
Downtown Tanning ( SOLD in Blytheville)
Added Thursday, May 2nd )
220 Randall Ext ( SOLD in Blytheville)
1412 Normandy Ext ( SOLD in Blytheville)
Added Wednesday, May 1st
921 ILLINOIS  ( SOLD in Blytheville)
120 Gayle ( SOLD in Blytheville)
Added Saturday, April 26th
727 Lyndsey ( SOLD in MANILA)
Added Wednesday, April24 th
821 West Semmes ( SOLD in Osceola)
Added Monday, April 22nd
136 East Drive (OSCEOLA)
Added Wednesday, April 17th
98 Gamble ( SOLD in MANILA))
Added Tuesday, April 16th
1007 West Main (Blytheville, 4BR, 2BA, $170's)
Added Wednesday, April 10th
Apartment Bldg (Manila, RENOVATED, $90's
Added MONDAY March 25th
617 Leah ( SOLD in MANILA)
2634 WCR 394 ( SOLD in MANILA)
Sunbath Car Wash (1251 East Main, $700's)
Added Friday, March 22nd
813 Promise Land ( SOLD in Blytheville)
Added Thursday, March 21th
1705 Wedgewood ( SOLD in Blytheville)
Added Friday, March 8th
120 Magnolia ( SOLD in Blytheville..)
Added Wednesday, March 6th
1705 Eastgate ( SOLD in Blytheville)
1008 Rollison ( SOLD in Blytheville)
Added Friday, March 1st)
115 N Brickey ( SOLD in OSCEOLA)
1818 Country Club ( SOLD in Blytheville)
1100 Ward ( SOLD in Blytheville)
1062 Hearn ( SOLD in Blytheville)
Apartments ( SOLD in Blytheville)
Added Wednesday, Feb 27th
109 Woodward ( SOLD in Manila)
5049 ECR 134 ( SOLD in ARMOREL)
Added Tuesday, Feb 19th
805 Putting Green (Open House Today, 1:30-4)
Added Wednesday, Feb 13th
612 LEAH (MANILA, Sale Pending...)
Added Monday, Feb 11th
Added Saturday, Feb 9th
713 S Walnut ( SOLD in Steele...)
Added Saturday, Feb 2nd
138 Ken (Osceola, Low Costs, 3BR, 2BA, $60's)
Added Friday, Feb 1st
104 W Alicia ( SOLD in OSCEOLA)
816 Ridgecrest ( SOLD in Blytheville)
Added Sunday, Jan 27th
1043 West Main ( SOLD in Blytheville)
Added Thursday, Jan 24th
Ranch Lots on WCR 346 (Manila - $9,750)
Added Tuesday, Jan 22nd
1308 S Ruddle ( SOLD in Blytheville)
1034 West Main (REDUCED, 3BR, $120's)
Added Monday, Jan 14th
314 Boston ( SOLD in Manila)
903 South Main ( SOLD in Leachville)
Added Tuesday, Dec 18th
607 North 11th ( SOLD in Blytheville)
Oak Street Lot ( SOLD in Burdette)
Ranch Lots on WCR 346 (Manila - $9,750)
Added Friday, Dec 14th
107 West Pecan ( SOLD in Blytheville)
Added Wednesday, Dec 12th
Mini Mart(REDUCED, Business, $50's)
Added Monday, Dec 10th
521 Moody Apartments (Gosnell, $150's)
1240 S Ruddle Apartments (Blytheville, $120's)

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609 N Ridgeway in Blytheville
(Blytheville, 4BR, 3BA, $240's)

102 Ashely in MANILA
(MANILA, 4BR, 2BA, $180's)

795 Davis in MANILA
(MANILA, 4BR, 2BA, $180's)

906 Wise in MANILA
(MANILA, 4BR, 3BA, $180's)

6182 Hwy 139 in CARAWAY

(Caraway, 3BR, 2.5BA, $150's)

302 E Shadow Lane
(OSCEOLA, 3BR, 2BA, $110's)

829 Future in MANILA
(MANILA, 3BR, 2BA, $90's)

537 Cook
(Gosnell, 3BR, 2BA, $109k)

1100 West Main
(Blytheville, 4BR, 3BA, $120's)

901 North Parkside
(Blytheville, 2BR, 2BA, $50k)

900 Grandview
(Blytheville, 3BR, 2BA, $70's)

910 Johnson
(MANILA, 3BR, 3BA, $170's)

1604 Gladys
(Blytheville, 3BR, 2BA, $60's)

537 Cook
(Blytheville, 3BR, 2BA, $109k)

6964 CR 58
(Armorel, 3BR, 2BA, $80's)

704 Eden in MANILA
(Modern Design, 3BR, 2BA $90's)

2024 Hwy 18 Commercial
(1-Acre, 6000sqft, 3 Offices, Shop, Fenced)

Entertainer Club 2044 Hwy 18
(Blytheville, 9000sqft, 6BA, $700's)

909 West Hale
(OSCEOLA, 2BR, 1BA, $60's)

953 Wise
(MANILA, 5BR, 2BA, $200's)

796 Country Club
(Manila, 4BR, 2BA, $200's)

1100 Highland

(Blytheville, 3BR, 2BA, $60's)

900 West Hardin
(Blytheville, 3BR, 2BA, $60's)

217 East Greenbriar
(Osceola, 3BR, 3BA, $130's)

910 Hwy 77
(MANILA, 3BR, 3BA, $280's)

800 North Franklin
(Blytheville, 3BR, 2BA, $110's)

42 North Wedgewood
(Blytheville, 3000sqft, $200's)

107 West Shadow Lane
(Osceola, 4BR, 2BA, $140's)

901 Grandview
(Blytheville, 3BR, 2BA, $70's)

700 N 18th
(Blytheville, 4BR, 3BA, $60's)

911 West Main
(Blytheville, 6BR, 7BA, $200's)

820 Lauderdale
(Blytheville, 3BR, 2BA, $60's)

907 Winchester
(Leachville, 3BR, 2BA, $110's)

912 Golf Links
(Blytheville, 4BR, 2BA, $160's)

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The News from Century21McWaters
800 N Franklin (Blytheville, 3BR, 2BA)
1100 W Hardin
 ( 3BR, 2BA, $90's)
3701 Kacey Lane (Blytheville, 4BR, 2BA, $40's)
325 Washington (STEELE, 3BR, 2BA, $130's)
702 Tennessee (Blytheville, 3BR, $40's)
517 Riverbend( 3BR,2BA, $110's)
128 Chesterfield (Briarcrest, $200's)
5099 ECR 126(Armorel, 4BR,2BA, $150's)
1108 Country Club (Golf Course, 5BR, $190's)
04 Riverbend (Blytheville 3BR, 2BA, $140's)
3200 NCR 665 (Bly, 4BR, 2BA, $120's)
1420 W Walnut (In Pics, 4BR, 2BA, $50's)
1515 N 6th (Blytheville, 4BR, 3400sqft, $200's)
100 W Greenbriar (Osceola, 4BR, 5BA)
634 W Main (Offices, For Rent/Sale)
387 Summit (REDUCED, 2BR, 1BA, $40's)
601 Moultrie (1.4-acres, $300's)
412 S Cooter
(STEELE, 4BR, $150's)
704 W Calhoun (Luxora/Rivercrest,,$60's)
2317 Peabody (3BR, 2BA, $30's)
1712 Holly ( 3BR, 2BA, $40's)
605 Hwy 151 Auto ( GOSNELL, $50's
848 Hwy M (Steele, 4BR, 3-Acres, $220's)
411 East Main (Steele, 3BR, 2BA, $40's
214 Randall Road (Blytheville, $110's
805 Putting Green (3BR, 2BA, $120's

Arkansas Awards of Excellence
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2013 Awards of Excellence winners:

Lola Gifford - Century 21 McWaters
Judy Willard - Professional Home Sales
Edwin Caldwell - Century 21 McWaters
Pat Rodgers - Century 21 McWaters
John Johnson - Century 21 McWaters

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New Homes Being Added

We just added:
1000 S Promise Land
(Blytheville, 4BR, 3BA, $220's)

317 Missouri
(STEELE, MO - 3BR, 2BA, $60's)

609 E Walnut
(Blytheville, 3BR, $60's)

200 Holland
(Blytheville, 2BA, $20's)

Acreage on CR 665
(Blytheville Land, 6-Acre Lot, $30's)

617 Clement
(GOSNELL, 2BR, 1BA, $10's)

2445 Carolyn
(Blytheville, 3BR, 2BA, $60's)

317 West
(COOTER, MO - 3BR, 3BA, $100's)

1576 CR 54
(Gosnell, 4BR, 4BA, $180's)

325 Washington
(STEELE, MO - 3BR, 2BA, $130's)

306 Missouri
(STEELE, MO - Sale Pending)

306 Armorel
(Armorel, 3BR, 2BA, $120's)

1141 Leawood
(Blytheville, 3BR, $80's)

5099 ECR 126
(Armorel, 4BR, 2BA, $150's)

1409 N Lee Circle
(Blytheville, 3BR, 2BA, $50's)

3056 State Hwy E
(Missouri, Cooter Schools,3BR,2BA, $120's)

4924 ECR 186
(Armorel, 4BR, 3BA, $250's)

4925 ECR 186
(Armorel, 4BR, 3BA, $250's)

1123 South Parkside
(Blytheville, 3BR, 2BA $60's)

1129 Moultrie
(Blytheville, 3BR, 2BA, $130's)

517 Riverbend Cove
(Blytheville, 3BR, 2BA, $120's)

1612 North Broadway
(Wedgewood, 3BR, 2BA, $150's)

4626 Hwy 151
(Blytheville, 2170sqft, 2-Acres, $150's)

121 Roselawn
(OSCEOLA, 3BR, 2BA, $130's)

5099 ECR 132
(Armorel, Birchwood, $200's)

1112 North 5th
(Blytheville, 4BR, 2BA, $110's)

801 South Walnut
(Steele, MO - 3BR, $90's)

2810 ECR 458
(Burdette, $30's)

611 First
(Steele, Missouri)

1933 Hwy 312
(Blytheville, 2BR, 2BA, 1-Acre, $70's)

534 Leigh
(Gosnell, 3BR, 2BA, $110's)

612 North Main
(Leachville, 3BR, 2BA, $70's)

6651 Hwy 181
(GOSNELL, 3BR, 2BA, $150's)

331 Washington
(Steele, MO - 3BR, 2BA, $90's)

1901 N 10th
(Blytheville, 3BR, 2BA, $150's)

1063 Holly
(Blytheville, 5BR, 3BA, $70's)

1009 Golf Links
(Blytheville, 5BR, 3BA, $200's)

811 West Main
(Blytheville, 4BR, 3BA, $219,900)

904 Pecan
(Blytheville, 3BR, Porch - $70's)

5449 NCR 865
(ARMOREL, 4BR, 3BA - $180's)

105 Baltimore
(MANILA, Doctors Office, $50's)

5559 NCR 757
(Blytheville, 3-Acres, $160's)

15 Cypress
(Wilson, 3BR, Huge Yard, $50's)

1113 West Ford
(OSCEOLA, 3BR, 2Ba, $80's)

323 Perry
(GOSNELL, 2BA, 1BA, $30's)

105 West 2nd
(GIDEON, MO- 3BR, 2BA, $130's)

1420 West Walnut
(Blytheville, 4BR, 2BA, 2070sqft)

1515 North 6th
(Blytheville, 4BR, 4BA - $200's)

100 Greenbriar
(Osceola, 4BR, 4BA, 3721sqft)

1404 N Lee Circle
(Blytheville, 3BR, $50's)

634 West Main
(Blytheville Office Building, 3000sqft)

212 Ermen
(Osceola, 1.4-Acres, 5BR, $60's)

7925 Hwy NN
(Steele, 2BR, 3BA, $110's)

140 Rambelwood
(Blytheville, 3BR, 2BA, $90's)

995 CR 474
(Steele, 4BR, 3BA, $210's)

218 Gifford
(Steele, 2BR, 1BA - $40's)

704 West Calhoun
(Luxora, Rivercrest School - $60's)

607 Hwy 181 in Gosnell
(Gosnell, Commercial Plaza, - $140's)

1108 Country Club
(Blytheville, 4BR, 2BA - $199,900)

517 Madison
(Blytheville, 3BR, 1BA, $20's)

3701 Kacey

(Osceola, 3BR, 2Ba, $40's)

610 West Ford
(Osceola, 3BR, 2Ba, $40's)

431 CR 86
(Blytheville, 1-Acre, Septic-$8,500)

387 Summit
(Blytheville, 2BR, 1BA, $40's)

1100 West Hardin
(Sold in Blytheville )

700 Lake
(MANILA, Commercial, 14k sqft, $110's)

8.62 Acres
(Blytheville, New Liberty Road, $50's)

104 Oak
(Monette, 3BR, 2BA, $170's)

117 Parkway
(Osceola, 3BR, 1BA, $50's)

Lot at N Franklin & Moultrie
(Blytheville, 1/4-Acre, $5,000)

2587 ECR 230
(Trucking Company, Warehouse)

128 Chesterfield
(Blytheville, Shop, 4BR, 3BA, $200's)

Shaneyfelt Lots
(Manila Country Club Area, 2-Ac, $30's)

2317 Peabody
(Blytheville, 0.44-acre Lot, $30k)

3200 NCR 665
(Blytheville, 4BR, 2BA, 110's)

600 Moultrie COMMERCIAL
(Blytheville, 1.4-Acres, $500's)

702 Tennessee
(Blytheville, 3BR, 1BA Brick, $40's)

900 Ruddle
(Blytheville, 3BR, 2BA)

104 Center Crescent
(Blytheville, 2059sqft, $70's)

336 Armorel
(Armorel, 3BR, 2BA, 2800sqft)

214 Randall Rd Ext
(Blytheville, 3BR, 3BA, $110's)

713 & &715 W Quinn
(Osceola, 4BR, 2BA, $60's)

504 Riverbend Cove
(Blytheville, 3BR, 2BA, $150's)

1712 Holly
(Blytheville, 3BR, 2BA, $40's)

Hwy 18 Lot
(Manila, 1/2-Acre, Near Gamble,$30's)

605 Hwy 151
(GOSNELL, Auto $60's)

Sunbath Car Wash
(Blytheville, 1.29-acres, $700's)

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634 W Main (Blytheville, Offices, For Rent/Sale)
Car Wash (Osceola, 1-Acre, 7 Bays, $850k)
Plaza Shop (Blytheville, 10th Street,$700's)
Apartment Bldg (Gosnell,12-unit,$320's)
Shop (Blytheville, S Division, Corner Lot)
Office (Blytheville, near City Hall, $140's)
1703 S Division (Bly, Commercial, 3-Acre)
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Nucor Selects Blytheville, Arkansas
We are so excited about being selected as the site for the Castrip Steel Mill. It will be built at the Nucor-Yamato Location.

Great NewsGreat News...
We are so excited about Denso Corporation building a facility in Osceola. DENSO employs about 500 people to produce car air conditioners and heavy equipment radiators.

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